Racing Performer Ultra Bearing Oil [Yokomo] RP-105


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Racing Performer Ultra Bearing Oil [Yokomo] RP-105

Unlike conventional molybdenum-based oils, ULTRA bearing oil easily adheres to metals, forms a smooth surface and lubricious coating on the surface, and is used for sliding parts between metals such as bearings and universal joints. The best oil. It has a molecular structure that is incomparable with lubricants that have been marketed so far, and reduces frictional resistance with amazing extreme pressure lubrication performance.
Also, when ULTRA bearing oil is applied, the film is formed by the heat generated when the metal rubs, so it is possible to maintain the lubricating effect even if the oil is removed with a cleaner or the like. At the joints of the universal shaft, it is possible to prevent sand and dust from being trapped during driving, thereby reducing drive efficiency and promoting wear.
It is a needle nozzle type container, so it is easy to lubricate even small parts

Contains 8ml.

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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in