N2 FENDER FLARES FOR Yokomo AE86 (SD-86) [Addiction] AD001-1


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N2 FENDER FLARES FOR Yokomo AE86 (SD-86) [Addiction] AD001-1

N2 Fender Kit designed by Addition RC to fit the Yokomo Toyota AE86 Levin body (SD-86LB /SD-86LSA).
Addiction also makes more parts to fit the Yokomo AE86 Levin you can buy as single pieces and combine it to a complete kit.

Addiction RC produces very high detail body kits for 1:10 scale RC Drift bodies. The design is done with 3D software and the production on aluminium molds. This all to ensure the best quality as possible. The body parts are made of lexan and is protected by an overspray film.

*A lot of people have used these flares on other kinds of bodies with some modification*

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Dimensions 12 × 8 × 2 in