DMAX ONE-VIA 240SX S13 180SX COUPE Akinori Utsumi (Includes Wing, Mirrors, Livery) [RC926] KN-DB01


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DMAX ONE-VIA 240SX S13 180SX COUPE Akinori Utsumi [RC926] KN-DB01
*This special body comes with livery decal sheet, wing and mirrors!

■ The one-via that was driven by Akinori Utsumi, who was supported by RC926 while participating in the D1 Grand Prix, is now on sale as a one-via clear body set for 1/10 scale drift!

■ While the design is based on the actual vehicle, it is deformed for drift radio control. In order to improve the sense of stability during driving, the shape of the front and rear bumpers and side steps has been reviewed to make it look more powerful and easier to drive.

■ The front bumper is a separate type to improve the depth and reality of the opening. The way to attach it to the body is not to stick it to the body, but to make a notch in the bumper part, insert the body and fix it on both the front and back to increase the strength.

■ Body size ・ Wheelbase 258mm ・ Front / Rear 196mm

■ Product details ・ One via clear body 1 body ・ Front bumper 1 piece ・ Decal sheet 1 piece ・ Logo decal 1 piece ・ Masking sheet 1 piece ・ GT wing 1 piece ・ Wing stay left and right 1 each ・ GT wing & stay mounting screw 6 pcs ・ Mirror set 1 pcs ・ Mirror mounting split pin & O ring 2 pcs each ・ Instruction manual

* The red one-via image is a prototype, so it is one of the accessories of this product The part is different. Also, the logo decal is a prototype and is not included.

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