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Vertex RC x Super-G [ Field Trip to Vertex RC (San Diego) 3/28/17 ]

Super-G takes a much needed field trip to San Diego to visit our friends at Vertex RC (Yokomo USA). We haven’t been down there since their original grand opening. Luckily Dat just came back from his Miami trip so we were able to hang out with both Josh and Dat!

The new track surface and layout is pretty amazing! The black surface gives the track a super clean look! We were lucky to run with the locals a bit before we left. Seems like around 7pm is when everybody arrives. We had to hit the road by 8:30 and was only able to run a little bit when it was prime time. We will definitely stay till closing next time!

It was awesome to check out the YOKOMO madness! They had all the Yokomo goodies in stock. We even grabbed a few things for ourselves while down there.

We can’t wait to return again and run with everybody. All the drivers were really nice and showed us what lines they were running. Until next time! Wednesdays and Thursdays are the nights to come(we heard). Planning the next trip back already!

(Hard parked at the Vertex Garage)

Vertex RC / Yokomo USA
5595 Magnatron Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92111

2017 RawFew Team Chassis

For 2017, the Super-G Team, the RawFew has chosen a new chassis!

What and Why
Until now the RawFew have had good luck running all different chassis as a team, but it was clear the members of the team running the same chassis were also very much in sync with each other when it came to holding close proximity, matching speed and angle, and having like transitions. So as a team, the RawFew decided to find a chassis which we all felt would take us to the next level, or at least provide the best platform to accomplish what we are after as a team.

It has been obvious to us for awhile now that the next generation chassis are here. The Yokomo YD2 and the MST RMX 2.0S are both prime examples of this. They both have gone to a rear mounted motor configuration, as well as a gearbox style drivetrain. This configuration with the motor rotation in the correct orientation seem to provide a new level of traction and acceleration while maintaining a very low overall weight.

Being as the YD2 has been out the longest, it was a serious contender, but my personal experience with it had drawn me away from this particular chassis. For some reason, the front end just does not agree with me. There are so many out there who say they love the way the stock YD2 drives, but it just does not work for what I’m looking for. Many say when it’s holding angle it looks as if it’s CS, and I have to agree with this. I gave both the base model YD2 as well as the YD2 EX an honest try, (made it my personal chassis for a good amount of time) and it just did not win me over.

Enter the Wrap-Up Next VX Concept for the YD2:

From the beginning I have always been a huge WrapUp Next (WUN) Fan. This also seemed to be the case with all the teammates in the RawFew. Earlier this year, we were lucky enough to welcome Takayuki Sone (Sone-chi) to the Super-G Family. He spent a good amount of time with us and after seeing our driving style and learning what we were after, Sone-chi had given the recommendation of the WrapUp Next VX Concept for the YD2. He had assured me the VX Dock front end would address my concerns with the YD2 front end. In reality, the WrapUp Next VX Concept for the YD2 only uses the rear end from the YD2. If you fully upgrade, it only uses the gearbox. SIGN ME UP!!!

The heart of the VX Concept Chassis is the Wrap-Up Next VX Dock.
This is a unique design which has always had my attention. Rather than having the steering servo mounted separately from the steering rack and tying it all together with various linkages, levers, ball joints, etc. all which add a small amount of play at each and every joint. WrapUp Next has made the VX Dock all one unit, directly actuating the rack with the servo horn itself. This provides a very tight, slop free steering setup. I was a bit skeptical at first since I had seen a few people who did not have them working properly, but as with everything, setup plays a major role. Now having owned one myself, I am completely sold on this setup.

I decided to go with a Yokomo BL-LHV Zero Servo to compliment the WrapUp Next VX Dock. 0.06 sec/60 and 529 oz of torque sounded too good to pass up. This servo is a beast and is more than up to the task. We also chose to use the WrapUp Next Dual Composite Shock Towers for the front and rear. These have an innovative design using an aluminum center mount and some really thick carbon outers (we’re talking 4mm thick!) to provide mounting for the actual shocks. There are 3 different height positions to choose from, as well as 9 different shock mounts giving 27 different mounting positions for the front, and 11 different shock mounting points on the rear, giving 33 on the rear.

To hold true to form, we also chose the WrapUp Next KONDO Custom Ver. 2 Upper Control Arms, and KONDO Custom Ver. 3 Lower Control Arms, as well as the WrapUp Next GX Ver. 3 Front Knuckles. This ensures everything works well with each other. WrapUp Next definitely delivers in this area. This front end configuration just simply works. I’m usually one to constantly adjust and tune, always looking for that “perfect” setup, not with this one. For some reason, the changes I have made feel different, but just as good as the one before. The WrapUp Next VX Dock is really a work of art.

The Chassis Kit from WrapUp Next is quite impressive. Top quality with a unique carbon weave. It has a lot of mounting options for those of you who like to experiment with different placement for your battery and electronics. It comes with all the necessary brackets and stand-offs, and it all goes together the way any high-end chassis kit does. For reasons unknown, we decided to run with the stock YD2 Rear Suspension setup. I plan to upgrade to the WrapUn Next VX Ver. 3 Lower Rear Suspension Arms in the immediate future, but for now the stock YD2 suspension is doing it’s job and doing it well. The VX Concept Chassis uses the gearbox from the YD2. I have chosen a Yokomo D1 Spec 10.5 Motor to power my personal build.

When it came to shocks, we considered all the various shocks we have used throughout the years. Tamiya TRFs were a strong contender, but once we tried the Yokomo Big Bores, the choice was easy. These have quickly become my favorite shocks. The simplicity of the design, with top notch quality, it’s a no brainer. These things are buttery smooth.

Of course we were obligated to run the WrapUp Next Rear Brace / Fan mount.

And the killer Yokomo Racing Performer Cooling Fan.

The WrapUp Next VX Concept for the YD2 is a definite winner! We feel Takayuki Sone (Sone-chi) hit it perfectly with his recommendation for this chassis. The VX Dock and front end setup addresses the area on the stock YD2 I didn’t care for, but still utilizes the great gearbox and rear end that the YD2 does right. This has to be the best handling chassis I have owned to date. Combine that with the awesome build quality WrapUp Next is known for, and you have yourself a work of art you just want to stare at, but don’t be fooled, you will be itching to drive it every chance you get.

Steve Fujita:
WrapUp Next VX Concept for YD2 Black
Servo –
Yokomo BL-LHV Zero
ESC / Motor –
Speedpassion Reventon Pro / Yokomo Racing Performer D1 Series 10.5T
Gyro –  D-Like Premium V.2

Joe Tam:
WrapUp Next VX Concept for YD2 Red
Servo –
Yokomo BL-LHV Zero
ESC / Motor –
Speedpassion Reventon Pro / G-Force Hyper Booster Capacitor / Yokomo Racing Performer D1 Series 10.5T
Gyro – D-Like Premium V.2

Jason Fordyce:
WrapUp Next VX Concept for YD2 Black
– Futaba BLS571SV
ESC / Motor – Accuvance Xarvis /Accutron Photonic Stabilizer /  Electrinic Stabilizer / Chevalier Turbo Capacitor / Accuvance Luxon Agile 10.5T
Gyro – D-Like V.3

Nick Lepisto:
WrapUp Next VX Concept for YD2 Black
Servo – 
D-Like RWD Servo
ESC / Motor – Accuvance Tachyon Airia / Accuvance Luxon 10.5T
Gyro – D-Like Premium V.3

Mark Santa Cruz:
WrapUp Next VX Concept for YD2 Silver
Servo – Futaba BLS571SV
ESC / Motor -Speedpassion Reventon R / Speedpassion 3.0 10.5T
Gyro – D-Like Premium V.3

Super-G / RawFew Visits NorCal Part 3 of 3

Super-G / RawFew Visits NorCal (Part 3 of 3)
Fatlace RC Drift Garage:

What is there to say about Fatlace that hasn’t already been said? Yes, it is as cool as you have heard, and better than you have imagined. The vibe – that’s what you can’t get from an image online.

The downstairs track layout is awesome! Talk about fun! The feel of the Fatlace RC Drift Garage is bit different than any other RC track I have ever been to. It feels like your favorite hang-out or bar, but you are surrounded by RC Drifters and you can drift. The drift session was an ongoing event the entire night, but there was so much going on on top of that. It is very impressive what Fatlace has pulled off.

I need to stop eating and take more pics. Seriously. Hi Erik!

Andrew had hung back while everyone was at the Limited Traction Drift Arena having a blast, and was slaving away preparing a feast! OMG! Adobo, Tri-Tip (I think) Hotlinks, Rice, Nachos, and Chili!!! The NorCal Fam just knows how to kill it when it comes to food.

Of course we had to get at the Upstairs track! How famous is this spot! It was an honor to finally be able to drift here. It was tight, but definitely driftable. I wish we could have spent more time here, but there was so much to do in such little time. Being a fabricator and having built a few tracks, I know how much work went into this. All I can say is awesome job guys!

To round out our visit, we were lucky enough to go to the other side of Fatlace to purchase some gear straight from thee spot! There was so much cool stuff and Dan’s patience was appreciated. Thanks for everything Dan!

The Wrap-Up:
This trip has confirmed there is a definite connection between us and our NorCal Fam. Every time we get to talking, it’s amazing how many parallels we all experience. Our beliefs also parallel very strongly, even without us ever discussing  them. Grow the community by learning, teaching and sharing the knowledge, keeping the vibe and the talk positive, and keeping the scene fun and drama free.

A huge thank you to Limited Traction and Fatlace (Team Bushido) for hosting and making this past weekend a memorable one. I think I can speak for the team when I say it exceeded our expectations. Your kindness and hospitality are second to none. So from Joe, Nick, Mark, Alan, Jason, and myself, we would like to thank you for the awesome weekend!


Super-G / RawFew Visits NorCal (Part 1 of 3)
Limited Traction Drift Arena (Part 2 of 3)
Fatlace RC Garage (Part 3 of 3)

Super-G / RawFew Visits NorCal Part 2 of 3

Super-G / RawFew Visits NorCal (Part 2 of 3)
Limited Traction Drift Arena:

The final kick in the a$$ we needed to get the team to move

We arrived at the Limited Traction Drift Arena a little later than expected due to breakfast taking longer than we had hoped, but they had a pit area all set up for us when we arrived. It was obvious Dennis and Rynne and the rest of the team have been hard at work. This track is awesome! The layout flows and these guys can drive! Of course it was everything we expected coming from the Limited Traction guys, but to actually experience it is something else. The layout is a mini-Meihan. We are so jealous of how well Limited Traction does the scale stuff. Yes guys, we noticed all the hard work you have put into it. You’re are always raising the bar. Great job!!!

Doing the scale thing to the fullest!

The session was sick! Long tandem trains and some sick sideways action. One of the Super-G regulars, Erik Gonzales of the Speed Junkies was there, and we were also joined by Jeremy from Driftwell and Jay from The Shop, both from CenCal, as well as a ton of locals. I’m sure I’m missing a lot of others. (Please forgive me) It was awesome! It was a different experience for us since we are used to being the ones hosting. Ha!

I was too busy enjoying the delicious tacos and dogs. I was lucky to get this shot.

And if that wasn’t enough, there was a ton of good food! Some KILLER tacos and dogs with all the trimmings! Wow!!! These guys showed us some serious hospitality.

We had been working on a little addition for the Limited Traction Drift Arena, and we thought it would be cool to kind of “bridge” the gap between NorCal and SoCal. A gift from Super-G / RawFew. We hope they enjoy it.

We took the pic late, so we missed A LOT of people who attended.

What an awesome day of getting sideways at the Limited Traction Drift Arena! We were so honored to be their guests. We felt right at home with the fam! The atmosphere and attitude was as good as it gets. People coming together to enjoy a common interest. People helping each other, and genuinely having a great time. Since the doors close at 7pm, Dan planned a night session at Fatlace RC Drift Garage.

Super-G / RawFew Visits NorCal (Part 1 of 3)
Limited Traction Drift Arena (Part 2 of 3)
Fatlace RC Garage (Part 3 of 3)

Super-G / RawFew Visits NorCal Part 1 of 3

The Super-G Team, The RawFew visit San Jose.
February 17-19, 2017
It has been a long time in the making, but it finally materialized, the Super-G Team, The RawFew made it up to visit our NorCal Drift Family – Limited Traction, Team D.T.F. and Team Bushido and check out the new Limited Traction Drift Arena and the iconic Fatlace RC Drift Garage at the Fatlace Paddock.

Anyone who lives in the LA area knows what kind of weekend this was. The worst rain in the past 6 years. (So they say) I don’t think we have seen flooding like this, ever. Joe and myself left the LA area about 11am and found it to be a pretty leisure cruise up the 5. The rest of the team wasn’t so lucky. After battling flooding and traffic jams for a couple hours, they finally made it out of the LA area, only to held up by a mudslide for another couple hours.  We were relieved when they finally arrived at 3am.

Finally here!

Day One – Friday Night:
We had intended to arrive the night before so we could be fresh and ready for the Saturday Drift Sessions. We had no idea what there was to do Friday night, but luckily Brother Dan made time to hang with us. We met up with Dan, Mike, and Andrew at the Fatlace Paddock and headed out for some ramen.  We ended up at Ramen Parlor which was right around the corner.

Steve, Mike, Andrew, Joe, and Dan at Ramen Palor

Ramen Parlor is one of the local favorites and is about a 2 minute drive from Fatlace. Joe went with Dan’s recommendation which was the Lobster Pork Ramen. I went for the the Tan Tan Men Extra Spicy. It was at the tail end of the night and they were running out of ramen. We all opted for extra noodles which we later realized probably kept a few people from getting in. Oops! This place serves some solid ramen. A definite go to if you’re in the San Mateo area.


After dinner we headed back to Fatlace and got the tour of this truly amazing facility. It’s basically a dream garage, filled with the cars to match. We had the pleasure to kick it with Dan, Mike, and Andrew for a few hours of casual talk. It quickly became clear we are all on the wavelength when it comes to R/C Drift and many other areas.

Joe and I really wished the team was able to experience this with us, but unfortunately they were still battling the mud and rain.

Day Two – Saturday:

RawFew Team Breakfast at Bill’s Cafe

The team started out the day by heading over to Bill’s Cafe for some breakfast. This place had some pretty good food and everything sounded good. No, not good, GREAT. I had a hard time choosing since I wanted it all. I’m all about going back the next time we are in the area.

Super-G / RawFew Visits NorCal (Part 1 of 3)
Limited Traction Drift Arena (Part 2 of 3)
Fatlace RC Garage (Part 3 of 3)

Super-G / #RawFew Holiday Dinner

On January 6, 2015 we had the holiday dinner for RawFew. It seems Manna Korean BBQ is quickly becoming our go-to spot for the team dinners. With parties over 6 they always give us a large eating area and 2 grills. Joe, Jason, Nick, Tyler, Yuko and myself attended.

We were missing a few members, but we were still able to kick some ideas around and get a solid plan down for 2016.

Keep an eye on #RawFew for some really cool stuff in the upcoming year!!!