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Hoonigan – JDM All Stars (Super-G Field Trip) 9/12/21

Hoonigan Club Day – JDM All Stars kicked off from 9am till 11am at the Tire Slayer Studios / Bodega. Although we were up late wrapping up our regional finals for the SDC2021 SOCAL Comp the night before, we didn’t want to miss out!

For those of you who haven’t been to the bodega, theres no shortage of awesome Hoonigan merch, amazing car builds, and much more!

There were many amazing builds on display outside. A very laid back cars and coffee type vibe was present. We drifted at the Mini Super-G Drift Arena inside the bodega and wandered around to check out cars. Here are coverage photos. There were so many cars coming and going, it was hard to capture them all. Can’t wait for the next club day!

Our 2 hours was up quick! Since we were open today 11a-4p today, we had to cut out while the event was still popping off! It was nice to catch up with Larry Chen, its been been a while since he’s slid by. We also saw the usual suspects, Hert, Dan, John and even Jolly made it by the track!

It was good weather, good cars and good people! Until next time!


MST Finally drops their Mustang Widebody Bodyset. A very nice 200mm and 206mm width! The aggressive styling is a must have! One of the best looking newer gen Mustangs on the market!

Looks like it comes with some realistic light buckets (already painted black), molded flares and wing, and even a rear defroster!

Order yours today! We have it IN STOCK as of JULY 29, 2021:


Pandora debuts their newest body! The holy grail of 90’s mini truck, the Toyota Hilux (89-94 RN80). These are the last trucks before the Tacoma came to market. These trucks came in a variety of forms from all over the world. They had 2 door, 4 door, 2 door extended cab, and 4×4 options. However, a lot of have always wanted the infamous standard cab short bed. Here it is:

Looks like Pandora is offering these with 2 bumper styles as well as 2 grills styles. You can customize your front end as well as the rear! The truck comes with an oem style rear bumper as well as roll pan. The combinations will be endless!

They even go a step further and include a dash, steering wheel and rear view mirrors! This truck will definately be a popular choice for many people, even outside of rc drift!

Super-G Will be receiving these towards the end of July or EARLY August(depending on customs). We can’t wait to start getting these in. The MINITRUCK CARSHOW will be coming up soon. D21 HARDBODIES and these HILUX will be amazing to check out!

You can reserve yours today by checking out a preorder below:


We can’t wait to get to testing on the newest cap on the Acuvance line up!
These Blaze Caps are replacing some of their older discontinued caps.

“This product is equipped with a significantly evolved surge control circuit in addition to the highest class output characteristics in the Chevalier series. It is a high-power capacitor that reduces the rough feeling when the rotation rises and achieves both smooth feeling and torque increase.”

Just like any Acuvance product, they always strive to deliver the best possible feel.

Grab yours today while we still have some, Acuvance JAPAN is already sold out on their first shipment.

Futaba CT500’s ARE HERE!

The long anticipated CT500’s are finally here! We got a nice stash of them! We were lucky enough to try them out even before they hit the states for actual sales (read about it below):

This is FUTABA’s newest EP servo, it has almost the same punch as the CT700, but at a much cheaper price. We have been testing them on our own cars and they sure perform well

You can grab you own today:

Reve D: High Traction Rims Release!

Reve D has released yet another product! High Traction rims are available in 2 different models. Each are available in BLACK or WHITE. They both feature a 6mm offset and a nicely shaved down/beveled inner lip for better lock clearance.

We were lucky enough get a good amount of these on their initial debut!

You can grab yourself a set while supplies last! Heres that new new: