August 25, 2023

Who has what it takes to claim some of this? Who’s taking home what? We’ll find out tomorrow!

Time flies doesn’t it? Here we are at Round 5 in SoCal, and it’s our Regional Finals! This has been a crazy season. With Bret Trevino and Chistian Defalco deciding to make SoCal their region, they really brought that Vegas flavor to the Region. Bret has really shaken things up with his tuning and driving skills. It’s not surprising to see him leading SoCal in points coming into the Regional Finals for 2023!!! His skills have been showing over the years, and this season he’s been able to put together some amazing runs!

For SoCal, the skill level has really been raised this season. There were some competitors that were pretty much guaranteed to be seeded in the Top 16 every round last season. This season has proven to be quite different, with the Top 16 spots being hard fought for every round. Not everyone with the ability to podium makes the cut every round now. The truly interesting part of all this is to see the competitor’s true colors come out when faced with such fierce competition.

This weekend, Saturday, is Round 5, which is a normal comp. EVERYONE IS WELCOME to compete, regardless of region or enrollment in the point series. Trophies will still be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. Come out to see how you will be judged in October, or just for fun!

In addition, The SoCal Drift King will be crowned as the point series winner for the SoCal Region. The SoCal Drift King will also be awarded lodging for Friday and Saturday night of the USA Super Drift Championship Finals on October 6, 7, and 8, 2023!

Remember, any Podium Finish qualifies for USA Finals in October. Also, participating in 3 of the SoCal Regionals qualifies for USA Finals as well!

Technically, anyone in the SoCal Region with 31 points or more can still take the title if circumstances lined up, so it’s really anyone’s game at this point! Bret Trevino of Slidelines / Tech 1 Drift is coming into the Regional Finals hot as the Points Leader with 45 Points! Jason Fordyce of Team Super-G is coming in second with 42 Points! Alfredo Chan III of Team Razr / Tech 1 Drift is coming in third with 40 points, with Vittorio Santiago of Acuvance USA right on his tail with 39 points!!!

Good luck to everyone competing this weekend! As always, I hope all of you can hold it together and put your best runs down when it counts!

12:00pm Doors Open
5:30pm Registration Closes
6:00pm Drivers Meeting / Qualifying Starts
8:30pm Competition Starts