Super-G Saturday Night Battle Rule Set:
First and foremost, the objective of the Super-G Saturday Night Battles is to have FUN! Competitiveness needs to take a
backseat to fun at these events. We want to keep the Saturday Night Battles on the same level as a game of Street Ball
with your friends, or a night out shooting pool with the guys. Emphasis on skill building and fun.

1 – Super-G Saturday Night Battles will typically run a King of the Hill format for qualifying
  • Participants will line up in random order and will have 2 runs
  • The leading or winning car will lead first, and will switch for the following run
  • The judges will announce the winner based on the 2 runs
  • In case of a tie, OMT (One More Time) will be requested by the judges
  • After 3 OMTs, the judges will be forced to make a decision
  • The winner will remain and challenge the next participant, the loser will go to the back of the rotation
  • Once any participant accumulates 3 wins, they will be seated in the Top 8 competition to follow King of the Hill
2 – The objective of the Lead Car:
  • Run the Qualifying Line (Will be demonstrated prior to start of competition)
  • All clipping points should be hit. Missed clips will be a deduction
  • Must go on Green Light. No waiting. Three bad starts result in a Loss
3 – The objective of the Chase Car:
  • Maintain close proximity to the lead car
  • Matching angle is a plus
  • Proximity takes priority over matching angle. However, not enough angle will be a deduction
  • Does NOT need to pass through the clipping points. Lead car is the moving clip for the chase
  • MUST NOT interfere with the line of the Lead Car
  • Green Light does NOT apply. Chase Car can start when desired
4 – If the Lead Car runs a perfect lead run and the Chase Car maintains close proximity, (Perfect Lead, Perfect Chase)
  • The advantage will be awarded to the Chase Car for that run
  • The Lead has the easier task as they dictate the speed, angle, and the line is set
  • The Chase Car is considered to have a more difficult task, as the Lead Car is a moving Clip
5 – Contact between vehicles is allowed, as long as the direction of the lead car is not affected
  • Decision will be at the judge’s discretion, but they may allow the Lead driver to make the call
6 – The Lead Car CANNOT Brake-Check or Stall due to Over-Rotation
  • If contact results, the Lead will be found to be at fault resulting in a loss
7 – Track boundaries will be clearly marked and the Lead Car is allowed ONE tire off the track
  • More than ONE tire off course will be considered as a crash
  • This rule does NOT apply to the chase car
8 – Touching Track Rails WHICH RESULTS IN A BOUNCE will be considered a crash

9 – Passing:
  • Allowed IF Lead Car misses inside nose clip and pass can be safely made without contact
  • Not allowed on Outclips unless Lead Car crashes first
10 – In the spirit of sportsmanship, we have decided EVERY run must be completed
  • If a car spins or has mechanical issues, the remaining car MUST finish the run
  • We encourage the remainder of the run to be completed as if the other competitor is still running
  • Extra Points for style!!!
  • Cruising to the win is not forbidden, but is NOT in the nature of the Saturday Night Battles
11 – Batteries and Mechanical issues are your responsibility
  • A low battery condition or mechanical failure is NOT reason for a restart
  • This will be counted as a Did Not Finish (DNF) or a loss
  • The competition will continue on, resulting in a lost turn
12 – Everyone is responsible for being ready for their run.
  • As a courtesy to your fellow competitors, please be prepared when your turn comes
  • If you are not ready to stage when it is your turn, the next participant will be called
**subject to modification at any time. To be used as a basic guide ONLY.