We made it! After a pretty long day, we finally made it to Rolling Garage in Sacramento, CA. They are exactly 400miles from Super-G. So if you are ever in the BAY AREAS, make sure you pop in and check them out!
As soon as you enter, you’ll see their rc drift shop! They have a wheel wall, a body wall and many hop ups to keep you going!

They have 2 tracks at their facility. One even has an upper level!

We were lucky and was able to slide for a few hours before they were closing up. There was a good amount of trains forming from the locals. There are a lot of talented drivers here. Everybody had such a nice and chill vibe. It was definitely a good time and we can’t wait to come back again.

It was a lot of fun! Highly recommend anyone traveling near them to stop and pop in for a few hours. You won’t be disappointed!