April 5, 2022

Rhino Active Differential – The Game Changer

In the world of RWD R/C Drift, there have been a few innovations that have changed the game in past years. Slide racks, programable gyros with end point settings, adjustable dampers, and now active differentials.

Until now there has always been a trade off with diffs. Open or Solid Spool. I personally would use Gear Diffs which would react as open when off throttle, but under high and sudden RPM would react more as a Solid Spool. Not quite, but it was as close as I could get. Many feel the diff is one of the keys to speed.

Enter the Rhino Racing Active Centrifugal Diff. Until now we would try to find that balance between open and locked and would always settle somewhere in between. Now with the Rhino Active Centrifugal Diff we get the best of both worlds. Fully open at low throttle and locked up as the RPMs rise. The result is super smooth, fast drifts, and really fast exit speeds.

With our grand reopening this past weekend and all the prep and remodeling, I wasn’t able to test myself, but I had a very trusted team member give me the rundown. He is extremely knowledgeable and is very familiar with turning the X-Ray Active Diff. His assessment is, the X-Ray is really good, but the Rhino Active Differential is a game changer!

I plan to do some in-depth testing real soon, but I’m confident this is a step in the right direction. Rhino Racing making big things happen in R/C Drift!

You can order here:

Special thanks to Ryno from Limited Traction / Super-G for testing this exciting product.

See You On The Track!