YD2 High Traction Conversion Ver1 2.1mm LOWER DECK CARBON FIBER CF [RC926] KN-YD08

High traction chassis for YD-2 series with 2.1t pure dry carbon! Feel the roll, pitching and yawing! New release with a limited edition of 50!
■ We adopt high rigidity 2.1mm thickness pure dry carbon which feels roll pitching yawing.
■ By making the rear into a slit shape, the flexible chassis roll is actively utilized to achieve high controllability and high traction performance!
■ While making it an ultra-lightweight narrow chassis, it also secures the degree of freedom in mechanical layout!
■ We adopt maintenance hole for slide rack adjustment.
■ Ackerman’s fine adjustment is possible by adopting two bell crank mounting positions, the standard position and the rear half hole.
■ YD-2E / S / R / Z series gearbox can be installed. It also supports TOPLINE belt comba!
■ Horizontal stacking (7 stages * 2 front stages, 5 rear stages) using Yokomo battery holders (DRB-118, DRB-118L) is possible.
* Depending on the number of teeth of the spur gear used and the type of gearbox, it may not be possible to use 7 levels.
■ By using the battery under plate for RC926 YD-2E / EX series / SXIIl / Z (KN-YD04 / 05 / 06), the battery holder for YD-2 can be used.
* 4 M3 screws and 4 M3 nuts are required for installation. You can also raise the battery position by using an M3 spacer between the chassis and the battery underplate.
■ The suspension mount can be turned upside down if it is Yokomo C / D / E.

■ Product details
・ Product name YD-2 series high traction conversion chassis Ver.1 2.1t 1 sheet