VM Shock Pistons for for AXON REVOSHOCK II φ11.3 – 4 Pack [DLike] DL445




[DL445] VM shock piston (for AXON REVOSHOCK II φ11.3)

For AXON REVOSHOCK II (pack of 4)

(Variable magic)
Variable damping force system/piston

●The work of tires
With rubber tires on actual cars,
hard drill radius tires cannot absorb the slight vibrations that are absorbed by tires
. It firmly follows even small vibrations in some parts for a smooth ride!

●During vertical movement of about 0.8mm, the damping effect of the 16 holes causes
the movement in the vibration range of contact between the tire and the road surface to be damped softly,
improving followability with the road surface.
(Initial motion performance (reaction) is greatly improved)

●When the vertical movement exceeds 2mm, the damping effect becomes effective with 8 holes.The
damping becomes stronger, so you can firmly control the control of the vehicle body and the spring reaction

force.0.8mm The ~2mm damping force fluctuates fluidly and smoothly.Details are

also introduced on the blog

. [DL445] VM Shock Piston (for AXON REVOSHOCK II φ11.3)