VALINO PERGEA 08RS 26mm TIRES (2 PACK) [Overdose] OD2771

ntroduce OVERDOSE x VALINO collaboration tires and wheels !
New tire compound and size takes to a new horizon of RC drift !!OVERDOSE x VALINO collaboration tires and wheels are finally available. Completely reproduce sidewall shape, outer diameter, roundness of the tread surface, and the groove depth of the VALINO PERGEA 08RS tire design. The tire material is HDPE with emphasizes grip compound, available with 26mm and 30mm tire width. The tire traction and controllability balanced at a high level are necessary to create RC drift scene. Also available VALINO GV330 design wheels. Using R-Spec material for high traction. Available with 26mm and 30mm wheel width. Come with 2 pcs of each both tires