Here’s a photo of a BLACK 30mm V2 on a YOKOMO PRO4D

V2 Air Funnel Fan Shroud / Velocity Stack Aluminum Anodized Mount Cover (VER 2) [Eagle Racing]

Version 2 (Mounting plate and shroud unscrews from each other for installation)

AL Air Funnel :For 30X30mm Fan
Size IN27.8XOUT42XT14mm
Net Weight 7.7g

Aluminum Air funnel V2  (cooling fan optional) Designed to image of the real carburetor’s air funnel, With this shape it is possible to make efficiently and improve the cooling effect such up a lot air flow of the cooling fan. Version 2 does not have holes where the screws go because of the 2 piece design. The V2 promises to have smoother air flow and cleaner style.

Accessories parts:
3x14mm screw,
M3 nuts each 18 pieces.