Spaz Stix – Ultimate Mirror Chrome Paint – 10009

Mirror Chrome from Spaz Stix is known to be the best chrome paint. Backing it with a simple black seals it in. The chrome paint is a must have for all light buckets, bumpers, window trims, exhausts, etc.
Spaz Stix:
What makes Spaz Stix Ultimate Mirror Chrome so popular? Being able to see the reflection of the painter every time you look at it! Spaz Stix Ultimate Mirror Chrome is the essential ingredient to reflect your car’s flair and add a unique shine to your project. Ultimate Mirror Chrome is versatile as an accent, main theme, or backer. Try it in combination with Spaz Stix Candy Colors for a colored chrome effect! To achieve best results, Ultimate Mirror Chrome should be backed with Spaz Stix Ultimate Black Backer for Mirror Chrome (SZX10209). Use Spaz Stix Ultimate Clear Coat (SZX10909) as a thin layer to lightly seal the Mirror Chrome and protect any additional colors from bleeding through.
Specially formulated for use with Lexan plastic