UBEC 10A (2-6S) BEC (6.0v, 7.4v and 8.4v) [Hobbywing] 30603003
The UBEC uses an efficient DC-DC regulator chip with a conversion efficiency of more than 90%. The all-metal housing is designed to help dissipate heat and reduce electromagnetic interference. The UBEC output voltage is adjustable in three stages (6.0/7.4/8.4 V) with a continuous current of 10A and a maximum of 15A. The voltage specifications allow the use of a wide range of servos and electrical equipment such as lights, winches, wipers and etc. At the same time, the UBEC is equipped with overcurrent protection, output short-circuits protection, overheat protection, and IP67 waterproof dust design, and can be widely used on crawlers, trucks, and other electric models as well.


  • Model:UBEC 10A-Car
  • Input voltage:2-6s lithium batteries
  • Output voltage:6.0 / 7.4 / 8.4 V (3 options adjustable)
  • Output current:Continuous 10A,Instantaneous 15A
  • Measurement:45*20*16.2mm
  • Weight :34g(including wires)