TRUENO AE86 Front Signals and Taillight Light Buckets TAIL Assemblies [D-Craft] PT2

*These were originally designed for the Pandora AE86 HATCH. Most people use these with other brand bodies.

These feature the realistic front and rear in hand made chrome finish. Give your body the next level of realism.


Includes front turn signal lamp markers and rear lights

○ Made of resin cast, realistic shape and sturdy.
○ Chrome paint finish.
○ Each LED mounting hole is 5 mm specification.


Don’t forget the headlights:

After painting suddenly, please mask the tail lens according to the mold of the body. I was wondering if the attached sticker could be used as a mold, but it didn’t work at all … It seems easier to mask the outline with a thin masking tape (about 6 mm). After painting, apply the tail parts and use a thin pen to add the back lamp and blinker painting lines.

Masking with. It’s hard to understand by blowing clear red and orange, but smoke is blown at the bottom of the lens. Finally, paste the lens cut and fix the light parts to