TRANSRANGE Chassis Set (RED PURPLE BLACK) [Overdose] OD2833 OD2832 OD2831

Available in 3 colors: PURPLE, RED or BLACK


A new adjustable wheelbase and hanging battery mount chassis !
Blue sky ideas to update GALM chassis for new standard !!

Introduce a new adjustable wheelbase chassis for GALM chassis. Two pieces main chassis makes wheelbase from 241 mm to 276 mm adjustment from standard 258 mm wheelbase with the option aluminum suspension mount for GALM. It is fit for any type of wheelbase body as Addiction real scale body series. New top deck design have hanging battery mount which is placing the load transfer on the tires by chassis roll. You will be able to jump into corners at more angles and speeds than ever before. Most of GALM option parts are fits for this new chassis as the TC aluminum suspension mount and the counter drive set. Available in purple, red and black colors.
※The prototype showing on image.