Transrange Anti-Twist Main Chassis (Main Chassis 1pc, Sub Chassis 1pc) for GALM [Overdose] OD3847

Main chassis that realizes ideal driving!

Transrange anti-twist main chassis inherits the characteristics of anti-twist chassis and transrange chassis. The main chassis and subchassis are separate bodies. By combining with OD3814-6 aluminum battery plate set Type-2, the torsional rigidity of the subchassis can be changed. Furthermore, by using the OD3817-9 Aluminum Upper Chassis Set, it is also possible to change the wheelbase. Line tracing performance and traction performance can be set freely as various chassis roll characteristics can be changed. The plate thickness is 2.4mm, the same as the conventional chassis.

*1 This product cannot be used alone. Please use in combination with any of the following.
1.OD2831-3 Transrange Chassis Set
2.OD2880-2 Aluminum Battery Plate Set or OD3814-6 Aluminum Battery Plate Set Type-2
*2 When changing the wheelbase, the OD3817-9 aluminum upper chassis set is also required.