Teams Light Weight Flex Chassis Set for YD-2Z YD2Z YD2 Kit Deck [Yokomo] Y2-002TS

Team Yokomo’s competition drift brand, Teams, is proud to announce the release of the new light weight flex chassis set for the YD-2 series.

The lightweight graphite main chassis plate and special lightweight battery holder provide the right amount of rigidity and traction for a more balanced and controlled feel.

While the design is slim and stylish, the weight and rigidity has been carefully balanced with bold cut-outs and milling on the bottom chassis plate.

The flex balance not only improves rear traction, but also the load on the front tyre, ensuring better response of the steering.

The chassis is also designed to take advantage of the inherent flex of the chassis material, with separate FR/RF suspension mounts to allow for unobstructed flex.

The battery holder is also compact and separate, maximising the use of the whole chassis plate and allowing the car to keep constant traction on uneven surfaces and extreme throttle input.