Team Suzuki Adjustable Aluminum Servo Horn (25T) 15-19mm [Yokomo] TS-2152

A team that can adjust the adjustment range from the servo axis center to the servo rod mounting pivot position between 15 mm and 19 mm Team Suzuki’s high precision aluminum servo horn. It can be set in increments of 0.5 mm by replacing positioning frames. There are 2 types of positioning frame, 0 mm position reference and 0.5 mm position reference, and mounting holes are set for each 1 mm each. By setting more precise and more accurate than the conventional servo horn, it is possible to change the movement of the machine with respect to the feeling of the steering operation of the propo by setting in detail the steering angle of turning with respect to the servo operating angle.
Suitable for servo output shaft 25T splines such as made by Futaba.