This differential gear unit for the TA06 chassis features metal bevel gears and metal cross shafts which are also available as Option Parts, offering greater durability. This set is specifically designed to be used for the rear gearbox.

Compatible with TA06, TA06 PRO, FF-03R, and XV-01 chassis.

*CAN BE ADAPTED INTO YD2, features less resistance than the Yokomo Diff’s for a finer tune. Fluids under 10000 makes a difference whereas the YD2 diff’s feel the same.
This diff is made in Japan while the Yokomo Diff is still made in China. The precision and quality of this diff is much higher than Yokomo.

**You will need to shim the 10x15bearings to fit.
It takes 0.6~0.7mm each side

  • Rear Gear Case Set x1
  • Gear Differential Cup Joint Set x1
  • Gear Differential Gasket x1
  • Bevel Gears – large x2, small x4
  • Gear Cross Shaft

Consider these shims for fitting it onto a YD2 or removing bearing slop.

Also! Don’t forget to upgrade the drive cups!