STRAIGHT PIPE / BLAST PIPE Exhaust (Petit real muffler) Tip TI Canister Pipe 8mm Tip – 1/10 Muffler Piping [ETOworks] PRM-ST-8W


★Petit Real Muffler★ Series
Now a signature product of ETOworks, this is a high-end muffler that even reproduces the exhaust pipe!
It looks great on bumperless cut vehicles and vehicles with genuine bumper specifications.
Each piece is handmade, so it is a product for those who are particular about it.

~Product Features~
– The angle can be adjusted and can be adapted to various bodies.
– Since the exhaust pipe part is visible, it will look realistic when installed on a non-aero or bumper-less vehicle.
・Since the pipe part is penetrated, it is possible to set up illuminations.
・Since you can aim to increase rear weight, it also contributes to increased traction.
Left and right balance can be adjusted by placing a counterweight if necessary.

– If you try to bend the joint, it may break, so please do not force it.
-The installation image is an example. The installation method will vary depending on the chassis and the shape of the diffuser you are using, so please be creative when installing it. (The diffuser screws are not included.)
The included resin stay is made of ABS. Although it has some flexibility, please be careful as it will break if bent repeatedly.

*Production will begin after receiving your order and payment.
It will take about a week from production to shipping.

◇Product information◇
Product name: Petit real muffler straight pipe specification
Model number: No browning → PRM-ST-〇 (〇 is outlet diameter)
With browning → PRM-STY-〇
The welding finish for the above model number is at the end of the word [W ], Hand-bent finish has an [H] at the end of the word.
[*Example: For 8φ baked welding finish → PRM-STY-8W]
Material: SUS304 stainless steel pipe
Accessories: Angle adjustment attachment/2 mounting stays/1 screwMade