We will release a limited number of team Yokomo factory tuned models that have been updated to the extent that programmers cannot adjust the brushless steering servo SP-03D, which has already gained support from drift drivers around the world.
 The full aluminum housing that has both heat dissipation and rigidity is equipped with a competition-level program developed on the assumption that it will be used at an input voltage of 7.4V, and the steering response, speed, and torque that are the greatest features of the brushless servo are installed. Of course, the overwhelming holding power enhances the controllability in drift driving. Of course, existing program items can be adjusted by a dedicated programmer, so it is possible to adjust to your liking by custom tuning including anti-shake level adjustment.

* Adjusted so that optimum performance can be obtained with an input voltage of 7.4V. Please set the BEC voltage setting of ESC to 7.4V before use.