*This is a special order item, it will be added to our next import shipment, typically expect 1-2 week wait.

=========== Full Set Contents =============
○ Slide rack body: 5,940 yen
○ Bell crank base exclusively for slide rack: 2,484 yen
○ Kamikaze Delrin Lac Roller  :(If there are no parts above, it will be for GRK.)
○ Stainless steel washer for slide rack 4 pieces black: 486 yen
Yokomo 【Y4-201】 Aluminum made bell crank post: 400 yen
○ Color, shim set: 800 yen

Regardless of accuracy, it was made by cutting all of aluminum sheet material instead of cutting.It got a little expensive but it was finished in a satisfactory quality.
We used the original front knuckle for YD – 2 to review the curved shape over and over again and made it a curved shape convinced by Kamikaze Driver.Aluminum front bulkhead   for YD- 2EX Y2-302B (4,500 yen) or resin normal bulkhead processing is required.
For installation, a set of mounting parts for steering posts and other companies’ steering slide racks are required separately.Delrin Rack Roller for GRK, washers are prepared so if you need it please join us.
YD-2 aluminum steering for slide rack Aluminum steering for slide rack Even without a crank base , it can be mounted on YD-2, but it can be changed to the outside with 4 stages, the yaw of the front chassis becomes less andsmooth operation which is possible is possible Become.
* The aluminum steering base for this slide rack is manufactured to fit the hole of the normal resin bathtub chassis of the initial lot, and if it is an option carbon chassis made by Yokomo, the outer hole is 0.5 mm on the side (0.25 mm on one side) It is long and it will not be possible to tighten the outer hole unless all screws are tightened equally at installation.(It is possible to use it without problem even if fixing the inside 2 points.)However, when installing on a normal resin bathtub chassis, installation can not be done unless the edges of the bathtub chassis are processed.In the case of Kamikaze Conversion Kit you can install without problems.

In the case of full set, it is assembled and we are sending it.(We changed cheap parts from October 29, and it became cheap for a moment.)* Bell crank base exclusive for slide rack When there is no meat removal, there will be no meat removal.

YD-2用純正フロントナックルを使用して湾曲形状を何度も見直して神風ドライバーが納得する湾曲形状にしました。YD-2EX用アルミ製フロントバルクヘッド  Y2-302B(4,500円)か樹脂製ノーマルバルクヘッドの加工が必要です。

フルセットの場合は組立済みでお送りしております。(10月29日より使用パーツを変更してちょっとだけお安くなりました。)※スライドラック専用ベルクランクベースは肉抜き有りが無い場合は肉抜き無しになります。===========フルセット内容=============〇スライドラック本体:5,940円○スライドラック専用ベルクランクベース:2,484円○神風デルリンラックローラー :(上記パーツが無い場合はGRK用になります。)○スライドラック用ステンレスワッシャー黒4枚:486円〇ヨコモ【Y4-201】アルミ製ベルクランクポスト:400円○カラー、シム一式:800円