*You must charge LIPO batteries with a LIPO compatible charger! DO NOT MISUSE!

Reve D 7.4V/3700mAh Short Size 2S Li-Po (RB-37S)

High power 2cell shorty Li-Po battery with 100C in continuous mode, 200C burst mode.

It is a popular light weight thin shorty size, and it can be used in other categories such as buggy and F1 in addition.

◆ Voltage / Capacity: 7.4V / 3700mAh

◆ C rate: 100C continuous (Burst mode 200C)

◆ Connector: Φ4mm (positive & negative, both same diameter)

◆ Case size: 46.5mm × 93.0mm × 18.5mm ◆ Weight: 156g