Shibata Infiniti Q60 D1GP 1/10 RC Drift Body [R31World] R31W423


Shibata Infiniti Q60 D1GP  [R31World] R31W423

* This product is unpainted and uncut.


* The image uses a painted sample product. Mirrors, wheels, tires, etc. are not included.


〇 Product description

⚡SHIBATA ⚡DRIFT RACING TEAM is participating in D1GP

“SHIBATA INFINITI Q60” 2021 specifications are faithfully reproduced !!

It is a 1/10 size RC car body.

A-pillar gusset plate reminiscent of a racing car

Rear inner parts and dashboard are newly added.

You can now make the specifications more lacy to your liking.


〇 Accessories

・ 1/10 size unpainted clear body (front & rear bumper & grill separate)

・ Front and rear light bucket (made of polycarbonate)

・ Dashboard & steering newly added (made of polycarbonate)

・ Gazette plate for A pillar ・ New rear inner parts added (made of polycarbonate)

・ Window frame decal and masking sheet included


<Body size>

Wheelbase … Approximately 260 mm

Tread width: Front approx. 203 mm Rear approx. 200 mm


* This product is manufactured under license from Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


* The photo is a completed image. Chassis, tires, wheels and mirrors are not included in the product.