A new standard damper that thoroughly pursues all the elements that make up it.

Long-awaited WRAP-UP NEXT original damper completed. Despite the familiar orthodox structure, we thoroughly pursue the material, shape, and accuracy of all components such as cylinders, pistons, shafts, guides, and O-rings. In addition, new technologies such as a general-purpose ball end mounting specification adjustable shock top, a spring hold retainer that suppresses spring rampage, and a shock shaft optimized for KC valve mounting have been generously introduced. This is a new standard damper set that you can be satisfied with without having to combine parts from other brands. 4-piece set, black anodized.

Product composition: 4 sets each

  • Kashima Coat Cylinder
  • Fluorine Machined Piston & Shaft Guide
  • SG Shock Shaft
  • X Shape O-ring
  • High Quality Diaphragm
  • Full Length Adjustable Aluminum Shock Top
  • Aluminum Spring Hold Retainer
  • Aluminum Shock Cap
  • Aluminum Spring Adjust Dial
  • Aluminum O-ring Cap
  • KC variable damping valve
  • 0.3mm shim
  • E-ring
  • * Ball end is not included.

Full length adjustable aluminum shock TOP
A shock top with a general ball end mounting specification is used. Increases the freedom of shock length and makes it easy to secure vehicle height and rebound. An air release hole is provided to prevent excessive diaphragm repulsion.

High-precision Kashima Coat Cylinder
Kashima coat treatment that provides extremely excellent wear resistance and lubricity.

X shape O-ring
X-shaped O-ring for excellent sealing performance and smooth operation

Fluoropolymer machined shaft guide
Machined with fluororesin that has the lowest coefficient of friction among all materials.

Aluminum spring hold retainer
The O-ring built-in retainer prevents the spring from rampage during driving.

KC variable damping valve included
With KC valve that can adjust the damping force on the expansion side and contraction side. Please use it to your liking.

Fluoropolymer machined piston (blank specification)
Machined with fluororesin that has the lowest coefficient of friction among all materials. The minimum clearance with the cylinder bore is pursued to the utmost to achieve smooth operation with reduced shaft runout. In addition, the piston has been prepared with a blank with a prepared pilot hole so that it can respond to various needs. For piston processing, use of WRAP-UP piston dedicated drill set is recommended.

Stainless centerless polished shaft
Centerless polishing in pursuit of roundness, quenched with stainless steel. The E-ring groove is expanded by 0.6mm from the standard shaft, and 0.3mm shims are added above and below the piston and E-ring. When using a KC valve, it can be removed without damaging the E-ring by sandwiching the valve between the piston and collar.