RY Long Spring Set 32mm (φ1.1x2 types, φ1.2×2 types / 2 pcs each) [Overdose] OD2808 OD2809

New shock springs produced by RYO (OD support driver) !
Improved ground contact pressure and traction performance by long spring length.

Introduce a new shock spring produced by OD support driver RYO. Increased spring length to 32mm and 34mm from conventional 30mm spring length and the movement of the spring has been increased the feeling of ground contact and traction performance. Use heat treated spring steel and the semi-open end design makes controllable characteristics springs. Of course, the specifications of each spring and the OVERDOSE logo are on the side of the spring. The specifications are 7 and 8 coils for φ1.1, 8 and 9 coils for φ1.2 for both 32 mm and 34 mm.