The SE version of the car comes with a machined Stainless Steel Tub Chassis with an extra hard and slippery DLC (diamond like) coating. The extruded, vs flat plate design allows us to eliminate 6 total parts and numerous screw from the car.
The pivot is machined into the tub and lined with a delrin insert for smooth action. The Servo plate posts and center shock/battery mount hardware have been eliminated and machined into the chassis. The tub shape also gives us a far more rigid and durable platform with a lower center of gravity.
Due to design constraints, we had to widen out the links slightly on the car and move the position of the servo mounting plate position slightly. This allowed us to have a LOT more mounting space on the chassis and fit all the electronics on the car far better and lower. This did cause us to have to replace the CF plates on the car though. The added benefit of this is that the wider position of the links provides a more stable rear pod behavior. The tub design also allowed us to mill under the battery 0.4 mm lower, pushing the CG ever so slightly more towards the ground- all of it making the car even easier to drive than before.
It is also important to disclose that the SE is going to come in about 10g heavier than the Regular RX28. In plastic body and lower power classes, this could prove to negate the advantages the tub design may bring. In other words, this is more of a Lexan class car.
The SE comes with both KISS and DAA front ends. It also includes a brass/CF mix rear pod and aluminum center shock mount for the front and back of the shock (a cool feature is that it is the same part!). Also included in the kit is a full set of Speed Dish wheels, extra knuckles and and axles for the additional front end included as well as both Medium and Hard Molded arms and a GT/LMP Style bumper and posts.
We designed the car around GL/PN motors. This is what we use and what we recommend. The Hobbywing motors are also a direct drop in. This should make Rocket and other surpass motors compatible with our car as well.
As for other less popular motor brands like Ensotech and Atomic, we cannot guarantee fitment without modification.
-98mm Wheelbase
-145g-170g weight RTR Depending on body and Electronics
-69mm to 78mm Rear Track Width
-72mm to 75mm Front Track Width
Need to Complete:
-Body and either front clip or front bumper
-Wheels and Tires
-Electronics: Motor, Lipo Battery, ESC, Receiver and Servo (Please note, the provided servo horn is designed to work with the Reflex Racing RRE007 Servo 20T Spline.  Additionally, the  AGFC A06CLS V1, the GL, the PN Anima and the Atomic Servo (it is a little bit of a tight fit but same sized spline) will fit as well.

NOTE:  Please use both manuals below to complete assembly.  The Std manual will guide you through diff and front suspension and the Basic Installation Guide will show how to assemble the kit.

NOTE: When Mounting Hard Plastic bodies, you will need to mount the ridges forward on the side clips.