RJ-008【Rêve D Sticker2022】
The RêveD original sticker, which has been used by so many customers, is now available as a new 2022 version!

In addition to the RêveD logo of various sizes, new logos for indicating beginners and also senior, filler cap and side decal for tires are also included.
Also, as a bonus sticker, the original character “Dreamer” created by Hayato Matsuzaki is also included.
The contents of 2022 version are now with variety of new logos to entertain your RC car life. Please try it to dress up your car!

■Size: 210 mm x 297 mm (A4 size)

■Contents: Rêve D logo, BELIEVE IN DRIFT, MC-1, ABSOLUTE1, beginner mark, four-leaf clover Mark, tire side decal, bonnet pin, flat type bonnet pin, fire extinguisher mark, Kill switch, tow hook instruction mark, filler cap, ReveD D1 car logo (1/10 size) and bonus sticker Dreamer created by Hayato Matsuzaki