Realistic Plastic Sliding Sun Roof Kit TYPE-2 (47mmx76mm) [D-Craft] DC7

This will make your body 3D and realistic. You will need to paint and either use Shoe Goo or double sided tape to stick this on your body. This is UNIVERSAL FIT, you will have to figure it out, or read a writeup on how to get it to work on your particular body.

People have been successful using this product on other bodies besides the one it was meant for.

Body sold separately.

〇 It is a sunroof kit of genuine wind inner slide type.

○ Realistically reproduce slide rails and flaps.
(* We do not open / close.)
○ It is possible to attach to most bodies just by cutting the roof.
(There are cases where it does not attach to a body whose roof shape is special.)
○ Each part of the main body and glass roof is made of black resin.

Instructions TRANSLATED:

Position the glass roof against the roof.
When the position is decided, mark it with a pen.
By the way, the size of the opening is 76 mm in width × 47 mm in length.
Drill a hole with a reamer etc. on the marked quadrangle and the center.
The corner hole extends to the pen line.
The size of the hole is appropriate so it will be finished later.

Put a cutter along the line.
Be careful not to slide the blade.
Cut it with scissors toward the corner from the hole in the center.
Finish the cut section with a file or the like.
Let’s finish it beautifully as it is visible.
Once the opening is finished, attach the glass roof with double sided tape.
The image is nearly fully opened but please fix it in the position of your choice.
Double-sided tape is pasted on both ends of the main body
Attach to the body while looking at the position and angle.
This is completed!
Just to open the roof, it’s pretty real!

A body such as AE86 is not a glass roof genuine

You can reproduce it by cutting out the roof.

Since there is also a car model with a curved front end of the opening like AE86

Please refine yourself if you stick to it