Real 3D Graphic and Grill Decal Kit – Toyota JZX100 CRESTA [Overdose] OD1038B

Overdose / OD1038B / 3D Graphic Series Light & Emblem Set for OD Toyota Cresta JZX100

OD 3D graphics series first step! !
It poured generously the latest printing technology, is anyone completely new decals that can easily get the best of detail. So far reproduced in three-dimensional printing the grill of irregularities and light of the lens cut that could not be reproduced only in the plastic molding. Since the pre-cut already a you can reproduce the real thing of such a reality in just paste it into the body. Clear sheet and grill light or the like is entered and is the emblem that contains plated sheet 2-disc set. By all means, please try to touch the splendor of the latest technology for the hand directly. OVER DOSE & Weld mini emblem included