Racing Performer DX1 Brushless Motor RP [Yokomo] RPM-DX1R RPM-DX1T

Designed from 1 for drift, a new design brushless motor of design and appearance!

Its name is ” DX 1 ” series

The overwhelming kicking out and the control performance produced by the large opening design motor case, exclusive stator which exerts outstanding heat dissipation effect even at high rotation at drift is definitely a great advantage‼

In order to cope with a variety of road surfaces, high-rotation type of ” TypeR ” and the high torque type ” TypeT “.

Yokomo announced the release of new design motor for Drift category. All new motor has named as DX1 which has designed from the scratch just for drifters. An open motor case design with greatly improved heat dissipation enable sustained high RPM during drift driving

The newly designed stator produces overwhelming punch alongside high definition throttle control to give you the edge over your competition. We have prepared two versions of high RPM type and high torque type to accommodate various road surfaces.

There are 4 configurations available:

DX1 type T  -High Torque 13.5T/10.5T  Φ12.0×7.25×24.0 rotor
DX1 type R  -High RPM  13.5T/10.5T    Φ12.5×5.0×24.0 rotor

【High rotation type】
RPM – DX 105 R: DX 1 R 10.5 T Brushless motor
RPM-DX135R: DX1R 13.5T Brushless motor
【High torque type】
RPM-DX105T: DX1T 10.5T Brushless motor
RPM – DX135T: DX1T 13.5T Brushless motor

Type-R 10.5 T
· Suitable for asphalt road surface, carpet road surface Type – R 10.5T
· For high rotation type, ideal for high grip road surface and heavy – duty truck
· Newest stator, coil for realizing smooth rotation adopted
· Rotor diameter D 12.0 × d 7.25

Type-R 13.5 T
· Suitable for asphalt road surface, P type tile suitable for Type – R 13.5 T
· Medium grip and short track etc
· Newest stator and coil for realizing smooth rotation are adopted
· Rotor diameter D 12.0 × d 7.25

Type-T 10.5 T
· Type T 10.5 T suitable for P tile road surface and low asphalt road surface
· Ideal for middle / big truck with low grip
· Rolling and gogging strength are completely different from Type R, which is completely different from the latest type stator and coil Adopted
rotor diameter D 12.5 × d 5.00

Type-T 13.5 T
· Type T 13.5 T suitable for P tile road surface and color concrete road surface
· Ideal for short track with low grip · Suitable
for both rolling and gogging strength TypeR has the latest stator and coil adopted
Rotor diameter D 12.5 × d 5.00


Type-R 10.5T

・アスファルト路面、カーペット路面に適したType-R 10.5T
・ローター径 D12.0×d7.25

Type-R 13.5T

・アスファルト路面、Pタイル路面に適したType-R 13.5T
・ローター径 D12.0×d7.25

Type-T 10.5T

・Pタイル路面、低ℳアスファルト路面に適したType-T 10.5T
ローター径 D12.5×d5.00

Type-T 13.5T

・Pタイル路面、カラーコンクリート路面に適したType-T 13.5T
ローター径 D12.5×d5.00