High performance but low price- users can own this reliable race-ready ESC at an affordable cost.
Compact size, suitable for various car chassis.
Auto identification system can recognize sensored or sensorless brushless motors automatically.
Smooth operation and plentiful adjustment options. Suitable for most kinds of competitions.
8 steps of timing adjustment greatly increase the output power of the motor and unlock its maximum potential.
Proportional brake with 4 steps of Maximum Brake Force adjustment, 8 steps of Drag Brake Force adjustment and 4 steps of Initial Brake Force adjustment.
9 steps of acceleration (punch) adjustment, from “soft” to “very aggressive” to fit various of cars, tires and tracks.
Multiple protections: Low voltage cut-off protection for LiPo or NiMH battery / Over-heating protection / Throttle signal loss protection / Motor Lock-up protection.
One-button sets the ESC. Easily reset all parameters to factory default settings.
Compatible with optional device —- the portable Digital LED Program Card, especially convenient for outdoor use.

Model / SKU QUICRUN-10BL60 Sensored / 30108000
Cont./Peak Current/ Resistance 60A/380A/0.0008Ω
Motor Type Supported Sensored / Sensorless Brushless Motor
Car Applicable 1:10 On-road/Off-road/Buggy/Monster
Motor Limit For 2S LiPo or 4-6 cell NiMH:
≥8.5T(1/10 On-road), ≥13.5T(1/10 Off-road) *Note 1

For 3S LiPo or 8-9 cell NiMH:
≥13.5T(1/10 On-road), ≥17.5T(1/10 Off-road) *Note 1

Battery 4-9 cell NiMH, 2-3S LiPo
BEC Output 6V/2A (Linear Mode)
Size/ Weight 33mm(L)*28mm(W)*31.5mm(H, with cooling fan) 
59g (with wires, without cooling Fan)
External Program Port Available


Built-in Hall sensor brings drivers an amazing sense of control.
Top-quality components: heat-resistant magnet, heat-resistant wires and name-brand bearings.
Dustproof design where motor leads exit.
Features a gold-plated lockable connector which can be fastened by screws, eliminating the possibility of losing connections.
Detachable structure is easy to clean and maintain, greatly prolonging the service life of the motor.

Motor Spec

  • Motor Dimension (mm): Outer Diameter 36mm Length 52.8mm
  • Shaft dimension (mm): 3.17mm, Length of Projecting part 15mm
Model PN (SKU) KV LiPo Resist.
Max. Ouput Power Current at the Point of M.O.P* Weight
6.5T 30404312 5750kv 2S 0.0066 4.6 194
8.5T 30404311 4560kv 2S 0.0125 3.6 186
10.5T 30404309 3600KV 2-3S 0.0183 2.8 240W 62A 186
13.5T 30404310 2850KV 0.0289 2.4 180W 50A 186
17.5T 30404306 2170KV 0.0488 1.6 125W 35A 186
21.5T 30404307 1800KV 0.0747 1.3 95W 28A 186 
25.5T 30404308 1520KV 0.1 1.1

Note 1: Resist. = Resistance, M.O.P = Maximum Output Power.
Note 2: The maximum output power is the test value obtained when the voltage is 7.4V, and the ESC timing is set to 0 degrees.