*PAINTED* Nissan Skyline GTR R34 1/10 Body Set (Champagne Gold) [Killerbody] 48645

The Killerbody Nissan Skyline R34 Pre-Painted 1/10 Touring Car Body, is a great option for drift or touring car chassis with a 257mm wheelbase and 190-200mm width. Using a 200mm chassis will allow for a more “stanced” look, while the 190mm chassis will give a more tucked look. With many scale accessories included, this body features factory installed decals, light buckets and rear splitter for a clean, precise, finish. Also included are a wing and side mirrors to be installed prior to use. This body is pre-cut, however, it has not been drilled for body posts allowing fitment on a variety of chassis, as well as the use of optional magnetic body mounts. Package includes one pre-painted metallic blue body, one molded wing, two molded side mirrors and hardware.


  • Great option for drift vehicles
  • Fits vehicles with a 257mm wheelbase and a 190-200mm width (depending on fitment preference)
  • Pre-cut and painted for ease of use
  • Allows the use of optional magnetic body mounts
  • Fits a wide variety of chassis
  • Molded wing and side mirrors included


Color: Champagne Gold
Material: Polycarbonate
Wheelbase: 257mm
Width: 190-200mm