NOBLE NB4 SURFACE RADIO TRANSMITTER SYSTEM w/ Receiver(x2) Adjustable Left or Right handed [FLYSKY] FG40200


1 x FGr4S v2 Receiver
1 x FGr4 v2 Receiver
1 x Lithium Battery
1 x USB Cable
1 x Spring Sets (Optional Firmness)
1 x Screen Protector

*Ambidextrous remote! Can be used for leftys or righty’s

Noble NB4


Introducing the NB4! Our most advanced radio for cars and boats.

Comfort is everything and everyone is different, with this in mind our unique ergeronmoic steering bracket design can be rotated a full 180 degrees around the radio.

Featuring our newest, fastest and most flexible protocol, AFHDS 3, the NB4 is our most responsive radio ever. On top of that we the NB4 has unparraleled support for simulators and games without the use of an external dongle via USB.

A NOBLE endeavor indeed!

Any Position

Our ergonomic steering wheel design gives you more options than ever before. Find a position thats comfortable for you, sitting, standing or leaning.


Dual Battery System

Attach the base to charge or get up to 10 hours battery life, or leave the base off for a lighter experience!

Base is a fully functional powerbank.

Under 3ms Latency

Thanks to AFHDS 3, the NB4 is the most responsive radio we have ever made.

Take control, take first place!