NERD Damper SLF BIG BORE Set + Spring Retainers Combo (YOKOMO YD2) [HRC] HRC000045 HRC000039

Comes as set of 4 (2 pairs of piston/shaft) and 2 pairs of spring retainers. All HRC

You’re getting
2 x HRC000045
2 x HRC000039

These are super hard to find stateside. They are almost always out of stock in Japan. These are sold as is. These are really difficult to get.
Please understand this before ordering.

This fitment is for SLF Big Bores (YOKOMO)



[HRC original] Nerd damper shaft with damping force adjustment (for big bore) Piston 11mm

NERD damper for big bore damper (Yokomo system), which was often requested, is now available.

Damping force adjustment function
DFA mechanism installed (DAMPING FORCE ADJUSTMENT) “Patent pending”
The damping force of the damper can be changed by turning the dial (12 rotations). It
is possible to finely change the setting according to the driving scene and the machine, such as suppressing roll and pitching to increase the sense of stability.

Suspension structure
We have fundamentally reviewed the construction of conventional radio-controlled oil dampers. The nerd damper
succeeds in flowing oilin theshaftlike a shock of an actual vehicle. As a result, unlike flowing oil through the piston hole, suppleness and
response have been improved, road surface followability has been improved, and traction has been improvedover the entire area,achieving excellent damping force characteristics.

Dedicated damper piston
By increasing the piston thickness, the damper rigidity is increased and the backlash during stroke is greatly reduced.
Furthermore, the piston material has been reviewedto reducefriction, and the shape of the surface that the piston hits is also considered.

Damper shaft surface treatment
The surface of the shaft is ▽▽▽▽ + processed The
damper shaft that comes into contact with the O-ring has excellent wear resistance by reviewing the material of stainless steel in order to reduce friction.
A super-mirror finish ensures a supple and stable stroke.

Included items: nerd damper shaft body, dedicated piston, damping force adjustment dial

* Please use Nd oil for nerd damper only.
* Cylinders, damper caps, diaphragms, rod guides, etc. are not included in the product.

Please use this for damper oil
—————————————— ————————————————– —————

nerd damper shaft ・ For
those who want lower damping force than SS, SS (super soft kit), which is softer than normal nerd damper, is also on sale.
Oil flows from the main piston and the shaft body in three places to
control the flow of oil in the cylinder during compression .
For those who prefer soft dampers, we were able to achieve ideal damping characteristics.

Included items: Nard damper shaft body, SS dedicated piston, damping force adjustment dial

* Please use Nd oil for nerd damper only
* Cylinder, damper caps, diaphragm, rod guide, etc. are included in the product. No.

Adjustable-Spring retainer
Spring retainer is made by screw type for nerd damper.
Preload to spring can be adjusted on the retainer side.
Also, the mounting position of the ball end can be moved up and down, so the total length of the damper can be adjusted.
By fixing the retainer with a pillow ball, you can easily adjust the damping dial by pressing the retainer by hand.

Details are explained on the

HRC blog . 1 Details are explained on the HRC blog. 2

Damping force adjustment. Method
Turn the red dial toward-to make it softer, and turn it to the + side to make it harder and harder. Rotate the
click (damping force adjustment dial) clockwise and stop at 0 steps (the number of steps with the highest damping force). is.
If you rotate it counterclockwise based on this 0 step, the damping force will decrease.
The weakest is the place where 12 rotations are made counting from 0 steps (the number of steps with the lowest damping force).
If you don’t know how many rotations you have made, return it to 0 and then make adjustments again.