LowPro Bullet Plugs W/ Grips – 4mm Red/Black Power RIGHT ANGLE Connectors Bullets [1up Racing] 190431 190432


The Perfect Pairing – 1up Racing LowPro Bullet Plugs feature an oversize 6 point contact for ultra Low resistance and a very secure fit.  A deep recess area makes easy work of creating secure solder joints with any 11-16 gauge wire.  The LowPro Bullet Plug Grips slide right over the top of the bullet plug to clearly identify the positive and negative terminals.  Their silver outer ring provides excellent grip and an unrivaled look!

These fit all LiPo batteries with 4mm or 5mm inputs

1up your wiring job with 1up Racing LowPro Bullet Plugs and Grips today!

Use a couple drops of CA glue to secure the Grips to the Bullet Plugs once installed!