KG-X Gyro (Overdose Collaboration) Black Aluminum [KO Propo] 60229


#High Speed response compatible(Normal mode/HCS mode)
#AGS function
#End point Adjustment
#PCA function
#Input channel: 2ch (Steering signal: 1ch)
* If you want to use gain setthing by transmitter, Please use 4ch transmitter.
#Operaing voltage: 4.8 to 7.4V
#Dimensions: 20.0 x 24.0 x 14.0mm
#Weight: 8.3g
#Aluminum heavy duty outer case

[Compatible products]

#Any KO receivers
#Any KO servos

[Recommend categories]

1/10 Electric Drift car (RWD/AWD), 1/10 Electric F-1, 1/10 Electric Touring car

Made in Japan

AGS restrains vibration of servo!​

With a conventional gyro system, servo vibrations occur when increasing gain setting.
The AGC function equipped with KG-X enables to stop the vibration and operate servo normally.

Independent setting for right and left!

KG-X enables settings of end point of servo independently for each side(L/R). This function is effective;

1), To limit the maximum movement angle of servo to protect linkage and knuckle etc. from damage.

2), To secure the same movement angles for the both end points.

Settings are to be kept memorized until next setting.


Feel steerage just as wanted!​

PCA is the abbreviation of Priority Control Adjuster. The mixing ratios of the gyro signal and steering signal can be changed. Steering control performance can be obtained without feeling the use of the gyro.