Width: 25mm
Diameter: 62mm
Quantity: 2 Tires

*Great for use on RWD!  or for asphalt outside on the rear!

These Falken Azenis RT615 T-Drift Tires are a special hard plastic tire with the fully licensed tread pattern from the popular Falken Azenis RT615 tire.

Drifters can now switch from slicks to treaded tires to fine tune their car to track conditions. The realistic tread pattern is also a great way to show off your drift machine. The extremely hard compound delivers long life and makes it easy to break traction to get your machine sideways for maximum drift angle as you clip the apex.

Sold in pairs. Drift tires do not require foam inserts.

*Requires a heat source to mount/dismount (boiling water for 45 seconds is a great way)

This tire compound is similar to the DLIKE Tires or MST Soft(RED).