HD Precision Upper Arm / Red [Wrap Up Next] 0669-FD

Achieved dramatic evolution through full renewal “HD Precision Upper Arm”

Due to the full renewal, the design of the upper arm has been completely reviewed. The HD Precision upper arm has been developed to improve all elements such as smooth movement without backlash, accurate caster adjustment, and high holding power. In particular, we focused on minimizing the swing (backlash) of the upper arm. It prevents alignment disturbances such as her caster, camber, and toe angle that occur when driving, and further draws out the performance of the chassis.

It is a general purpose design that adapts to his chassis of one side support type such as VX-DOCK series and FR-D.

  • Two-piece structure made of high-precision aluminum that has been redesigned from the ground up.
  • Uses high-quality 740 bearings manufactured by major domestic bearing manufacturers.
  • 4mm diameter stainless steel upper arm shaft with high holding power.
  • By changing the thickness of the spacer, casters can be adjusted steplessly up to 5mm.
  • By scale notation by laser marking, we can perform fine adjustment of caster more exactly.

2mm spacer for caster adjustment is included. For fine adjustments, use a separate M3 size spacer (metal recommended). When using thicker spacers, change to screws of appropriate length.

*The product will be shipped in an assembled state.