Front & Rear Brake Disk Caliper set for YD-2 series [Yokomo] Y2-415CP

YD-2 series It is a set of dummy brake discs and calipers that can be used in common for all cars. The brake disc is an integral type with a hexagonal hub for mounting the wheel, and of course it rotates with the wheel. Three types of hub thickness of 5.5 mm, 6.5 mm, 8.0 mm are included so you can adjust the tread width and scrub radius freely. Meanwhile, the gunmetal color brake caliper is fixed on the front and rear knuckles, so it will be finished in a realistic look that is similar to the real car while running. Brake disc & callipers looking through the gap between the wheels pull the machine’s feet gently.
The set also comes with a plastic steering block and rear hub carrier, but it makes it easier to install the caliper, and it is shaped to match the latest setting. Steering block sets the optimum trail and kingpin angle with reference to the structure of the actual car, steering response is improving while increasing the looks while countersteering. The steering stopper and tie rod mounting position are also modernized to the latest specifications, and the operation when raising the turning angle is also finished smoothly. Rear hub carriers are equipped with an upper arm attachment position, increasing the range of setting of the roll center and the camber change to the front, making it possible to positively utilize the roll. Especially when the grip such as P tile is low, keeping the contact area when the chassis rolls by raising the upper arm attachment position ensures a stable grip in the lateral direction, realizing aggressive traveling .