Yokomo – ZR-DRPA – Competition Drift Tire DRP for P-Tile (4pcs)

A new type of tire specially designed for drifting on P-tile surfaces. The material and tread surface shape were selected through long-term testing. This tire has been optimized for P-tile surfaces, which are the most common in Japan, and offers outstanding grip and
sliding characteristics. Until now, tires have tended to require a long period of break-in to achieve their original grip, but the DRPA provides constant grip from new, and maintains stable performance.


It is a new type drift exclusive tire specialized for P tile road surface. The shape of the material and tread surface selected through long-term testing. These tires are optimized for P-tile roads, which are the most common in Japan, and exhibit outstanding grip and slide characteristics. Until now, the original grip power has been demonstrated..