This Pandora CF(polycarbonate) Set is really ideal to bring your body to the next level.

This set is UNIVERSAL and DOES NOT come with a body. It accessories for your body.

Comes in carbon fiber finish already. So you do not need to paint, but you can if you like.


Product Name: Headlight & Bonnet Set (Carbon Style) 
Model Number: PAI-804 
Delivery Type: Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
  • 1/10 size general purpose product / made of polycarbonate (carbon print)
  • Headlight (S15 · S14 late · S14 early · S13 · 180 SX · Chaser)
  • Bonnet (standard / with duct)
  • Roof wing (short / long)
  • Duck tail rear wing
  • Since the sale item is not a special-purpose item but a general-purpose item, the installation needs adjustment.
  • The photos on the website use parts, decals, etc. that are not included in the painting example.