Brass Suspension Mount Spacers (0.5mm thickness) for YD-2/GALM – 2 Pack [RC926] KN-HTBSS01-A

■A new high-traction brass suspension mount spacer is now available, which is indispensable for setting around the legs!
■As a recent setting trend, changing the roll center is a must! Conventional suspension mount spacers are made of resin. I think that most people use brass or aluminum, but by using this HT brass suspension mount spacer, it takes advantage of the characteristics of brass material and slightly increases the stickiness and weight, which improves the feeling of grounding and reduces the feeling of tracing. You can expect an improvement!
■For example, in the case of the front area, if you were adjusting the front feel with an existing suspension mount spacer, you can further improve the front information by changing to this HT brass suspension mount spacer!