Adjust the angle of cut without interrupting the movement of the suspension!
RD-001 ASL aluminum knuckle stopper for front knuckle Φ3.0mm / Φ3.5mm is now available!

An aluminum knuckle stopper that is ideal for the [RD-001: ASL front knuckle], which has been well received since its launch, will appear.
RWD drift cars generally use a knuckle stopper (steering stopper) to adjust the maximum turning angle, but when maximizing the turning angle, many people use M3 set screws. .
Even with the M3 set screw, the function of the stopper is fulfilled, but the surface of the screw shape will hinder the movement of the suspension at the maximum turning angle.

This is where the [Aluminum Knuckle Stopper] comes into play!
Unlike the M3 set screw, it has an uneven surface, so it will not hinder the movement of the suspension even at the maximum turning angle.
Furthermore, since it is made of lightweight aluminum, it is also effective in reducing weight by replacing it with an iron set screw.

The lineup is Φ3.0mm and Φ3.5mm!
In addition to Φ3.0mm which realizes the maximum cutting angle, Φ3.5mm which is convenient when you want to control the cutting angle only slightly is prepared.
Φ3.5mm is effective when the commercially available Φ4.0mm has insufficient cutting angle and Φ3.0mm has too much cutting angle!
If you are currently using the M3 set screw as a stopper or want to increase the cutting angle than a φ4.0mm stopper, please try it.

◆ RD-003-30: RD-001 Aluminum knuckle stopper for ASL front knuckle (Φ3.0mm, 2 pieces) ¥ 520 (excluding tax)
◆ RD-003-35: RD-001 ASL front knuckle aluminum Knuckle stopper (Φ3.5mm, 2 pieces) ¥ 520 (excluding tax)
◆ Screw: M3, length 4.5mm
◆ Pedal diameter: 5.5mm
◆ Length from base to tip: 16mm
◆ Hexagonal hole size: 1.5mm across flats
※ RD-001: Suitable for ASL front knuckle Dimensions.

  • When using for knuckles made by other companies, please check the above dimensions before purchasing.