Aluminum Front Bulkhead Type-3 (For GALM) RED PURPLE BLACK [Overdose] OD3439 OD3440 OD3438

New design Type-3 Aluminum Front Bulkhead for GALM !
Super lightweight and have your own set up by new functions !

Introduce Aluminum Front Bulkhead Type-3. In this Type-3, it is possible to adjust the caster angle, upper arm mounting width, and rocker arm mounting position. 4mm width the caster angle adjustment which is able to adjust caster angle from 12 ° to 4 ° on standard GALM chassis. Set the mounting width with a spacer by the separate upper arm mount design. With this Type-3, the rocker arm mount has separate design and move two steps forward at 2 mm pitch from the standard mounting position, so this is avoid the push rod and upper arm interfered when setting to reduce the caster angle. Reduced weight about 45% compared to previous Type-2 aluminum bulkhead, also only increase about 6g from standard bulkhead parts. You can experience various settings and increased rigidity without the weight increase. Available in 3 colors: purple, red, and black. ※Reference of weight : Standard parts: Approx. 18g, Type-2: Approx. 43g, New Type-3: Approx. 24g

OD3438 – Purple
OD3439 – Red
OD3440 – Black