Aluminum Battery Holder GALM VACULA RED BLACK PURPLE [Overdose] OD2525b OD2526b OD2527b

*People have put this on YD2’s and other chassis.

Compared to the existing plastic made holders, the machined aluminum made possible to have the ideal toughness as well as the cool design with the edgy feel. Having the side bars that can be locked/unlocked without using the snap pins, allows users to have fast and no hassle battery changes. The standard dimensions are based on OD1458 battery holder set, allowing the easy replacement from the existing battery holders. OD1458 extension parts will be needed for long sized batteries. Caution needed for short-circuiting of the battery terminal.

Please feel free to email us in case you want to special order a part, we have a lot more OD parts not on the website.

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