Adjustable Aluminum RWD Knuckle Set TYPE-2 (BLACK) [OVERDOSE] OD2439

Introducing all new Adjustable Aluminum Knuckle Type-2. The fixed type kingpin angle of the previous model has been changed to the 4-level adjustable structure. Also, added adjustable features to the knuckle stoppers. Redesign of the shapes and mechanics of each part increased the range of set ups as well as the usability.

• 4-level adjustment of the kingpin angle (0, 3, 5, 8°)
• Added adjustable features to knuckle stoppers. Avoids over angles and wheel interference.
• 10 patterns of tie rod mounting positions (3 levels outwards and 6 levels inward) for various ackerman settings
• includes 2mm long axle shafts
• Includes φ2.6 spacer for trail adjustment
• A new body designed for sharper turns and less interference of the tie rod

Please feel free to email us in case you want to special order a part, we have a lot more OD parts not on the website.

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