150mm-50T/3.5mm Belt for GALM / GALM V2 [RC926] KN-OD01

■ Reinforced belt for overdose GALM / GALM ver.2 “Reinforced belt for GALM / GALM ver.2 Normal length 150mm-50T / 3.5mm width” is now on sale! It is an overdose official part!
■ By widening the width from the normal 3mm width to 3.5mm width, durability and throttle response are improved by reducing the amount of elongation and bending. The feeling that the car is attached to your finger is improved for acceleration / deceleration operations.
■ The reinforced belt is made by a major domestic belt manufacturer, and high torque transmission is possible by adopting an ideal tooth shape that meshes smoothly and a unique mesh that eliminates stress concentration.
■ Because the belt stretches as you use it, it tends to cause a decrease in throttle response and acceleration, so diligent adjustment of tension is required. By making it a reinforced type, it will be possible to maintain this state for a long time and the maintenance cycle will be extended, so it is especially recommended for people who run a lot! Please note that this belt has a normal length, so the length is different from the counter drive belt. By the way, the belt of the counter drive is 135mm. The belt with high speed pulley specifications is 141 mm. The products listed are normal 12T / 39T pulley specifications.